Malcolm Richards – Founder

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My name is Malcolm Richards and I founded the Road School in 2009.

I have worked for many years as a teacher, senior leader in schools, pupil referral units, education projects in London, Buckinghamshire and Devon, and as an Inclusion specialist for local authorities. 

I am also a PhD doctoral candidate at the University of Exeter. My current research investigates counter stories of culturally sustaining frameworks for facilitating critical dialogue about race and racism in secondary schools in Europe (England & Wales, the Netherlands and Sweden).

My wider areas of research interest are:

  • Dialogue, racialized and culturalized perspectives in education;
  • Teacher training, technology and teaching critical thinking in education;
  • Counter storytelling and culturally sustaining pedagogies in education;
  • Inclusion & equity in education;

Contributions and publications include:

I am also a trade union activist and hold current local, regional and national roles including:

  • National Education Union (Devon) International Solidarity Officer, Black members Officer;