PROJECT: The Culture Yard

Want to learn about histories, traditions and reportoires from local ‘black’ communities, and how they are direct connected to the global diaspora? The Culture Yard is a community education project which uses creative and innovative community learning to promote histories and traditions and repertoire of our ‘black’ communities in the South West of England. InContinue reading “PROJECT: The Culture Yard”

PROJECT: The Road School Books

Running a book fair, book market, literary festival or a community event? The Road School Books is a pop-up book stall based in the South West of England, selling a carefully curated selection of second hand books and accessories representing diverse global communities. In 2019, we sold books, read stories or shared cultural literary knowledgeContinue reading “PROJECT: The Road School Books”

PROJECT: Rebel Music Time Machine

Running a festival with young people aged 13 – 17 years old attending?  Rebel Music Time Machine explores how movements like punk, reggae, house or grime unify people and have created social and political change from the 1950s into to the future! jim8track (Camp Bestival, 8track) provides the tracks that timeline popular music, while educator andContinue reading “PROJECT: Rebel Music Time Machine”