The Culture Yard - Thinking

The Culture Yard is a Philosophy 4 Children (P4C) programme, which develops critical thinking, debate and philosophy skills inspired by culture and heritage from across the African diaspora and diverse cultural heritages.

Email for costs and availability.


Delivered in six-weekly blocks,  facilitated by accredited practioner.


1hr per session.


See Education Endowment Fund (2014), Teaching and learning toolkit on Metacognition and self-regulation (2018)


Sessions offer the following benefits:

  • Developing a safe space, with a structured session which starts with a stimulus (audio, visual or kinastethetic).
  • Young people are encouraged to draw on their own experiences and imagination to ask a question based on wonder (I wonder why…?).
  • Young people make a collective decision on the question they are most interested in.
  • The discussion starts but is then not contained. It follows its own path guided by young people’s thoughts and ideas, agreeing and disagreeing, but always giving a reason for their point of view.

Outcomes for young people include:

  • Learning to think before they speak and give reasons for what they say.
  • Valuing their views and the views of others.
  • Not taking things personally.
  • Developing skills of respect and negotiation.
  • Learning not to be fearful.

Sessions also help young people through:

  • Positive impact on other areas of learning and personal engagement.
  • Lots of ideas for creative writing.
  • Creates an enquiring space in all areas of learning and engagement.
  • Affects personal skills, and behaviour in unstructured, personal time.
  • Develops skills necessary for positions of responsibility and positive decision making.
  • Listening and reasoning skills.
  • Independence.