About The Road School


The Road School provides education programmes, school and teacher training, resources and guidance which promote  culturally sustaining approaches for students in schools.

We work with local authorities, educational organisations, community groups and education unions, to support teachers in developing pedagogy, curriculum and resources which promotes, fosters and maintaining valuable assets of knowledge from multilingual and multiethnic communities. 
The Road School promotes dynamic and innovative ways to facilitate dialogue and thinking from multilingual and multiethnic communities, recognising voices which are critical in transforming education, research, leadership and curriculum in 21c schooling.
We create collaborative digital and physical learning spaces for dialogue, knowledge creation, deeper thinking and understanding, undertake, co-create and deliver training and development, and complete participatory action research.

The Road School has five key aims:

  • Create teacher development (training and resources) for school teachers and leaders to support critical culturally sustaining approaches to dialogue in schools.
  • Establish critical culturally sustaining approaches to dialogue as a method for facilitating classroom talk about race and racism with all school community stakeholders.
  • Develop academic opportunities (conferences and journal articles) for critical dialogue debates emerging across local, regional, national and global education spaces.
  • Encourage critical dialogue, collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange across education spaces and beyond.
  • Promote critical culturally sustaining approaches to dialogue as an important site for cultural exchange in education.