The Road School

In 2009, the Road School was founded by Malcolm Richards to support socially disadvantaged young people transition into formal education, employment, training or into adult life. Rooted in the supplementary school movement, with an emphasis on preparation and achievement of meaningful qualifications, our curriculum has been framed around developing fundamental skills:

  • Core (Functional Skills Literacy, Numeracy and ICT)
  • Life (ASDAN Personal Development, Jamie Oliver Food Skills)
  • Creative Arts and Media (Trinity Arts Awards)
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • The Environment

Principles of democratic education have been embedded within our approach, with an emphasis on its two pillars; self-determined learning and a learning community based on equality and mutual respect. Supported by a core team of dedicated volunteers, The Road School quickly gained a reputation for engaging young people, through a pedagogical approach celebrating lived experiences, culture, language and identity from across African diaspora.

Outcomes included students consistently reengaged with education, increased attendance, achievement of qualifications, positive public recognition, whilst developing core literacy and numeracy and creative arts skills, with an ability to promote health and social care issues and a broader awareness of their next steps to success.

Organisations we have collaborated with include:

The Road School continues to evolve, developing new operating structures to support its work in future spaces and places.

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